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PD Monitoring for MV Switchgears

FALCON MKII System is a comprehensive solution to monitor Partial Discharge, enclosure contact temperature, and humidity, designed to monitor large clusters of switchgear.



  • Comprehensive solution to monitor Partial Discharge, enclosure contact temperature, and humidity
  • Designed to monitor large clusters of switchgear
  • Non-intrusive
  • Centralized installation
  • Ultra-Wide Band, fast integrated processing capability
  • Automatic partial discharge data acquisition and analysis
  • Reliable alarms based on the trending of every phenomenon acquired


Falcon MKII is a Partial Discharge acquisition instrument for Medium Voltage electrical assets. The device can acquire, elaborate and store partial discharge signals coming from the field. The instrument is modular and up to 40 channels can be hosted in a standard 19” rack mount 6U module, to monitor up to 20 switchgears in a MV substation. Falcon MKII acquires full signal waveforms and it process them exploiting the patented T/F-Map technology, able to increase the signal to noise ratio and to separate different signal sources.

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