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Global monitoring for HV cables

Techimp’s offering for HV Cables ranges from sequential or simultaneous offline testing during commissioning to complete permanent monitoring systems installed at every joint and the terminations of the cable.


The measurement of Partial Discharges (PD) can be a fundamental tool to evaluate the “state of health” of HV Cable Systems.

PD measurements highlight and localize on-going degradation processes that could lead to the damage of the electrical apparatus insulation and, unavoidably, to sudden breakdowns.

PD measurement analysis and consequent diagnosis allow Condition Based Maintenance (CBM) program and best practices to be set up.

Electrical asset state is usually checked by submitting them to Time Based Maintenance (TBM) programs, carried out at fixed intervals. However, for the most critical equipment, a Condition Based Maintenance (CBM) program is much more advisable. Applying a CBM program means keeping the electrical state of the equipment under continuous control. Potential sources of problems are detected at a very early stage, allowing relevant countermeasures to be taken before harmful and irreversible events happen. By means of CBM, failure rate can be kept at a constant level chosen by the asset manager. Therefore, unexpected breakdowns, causing long forced stops, can be avoided, thus limiting infrastructure maintenance costs due to loss of revenues and repair after failure. For Extruded Polymeric Cables, the presence of PD within a cable system is to be avoided, because PD activity within polymeric insulation systems can lead quickly to electrical treeing formation and, eventually, to failure.

Oil-filled Cables can better withstand PD activities, but several failures have been reported, particularly in accessories, which have been associated with PD activity.

Techimp Systems has now moved further on the edge of the technical excellence and innovation in diagnostics applied to cable applications, by developing the first PD-DTS (Distributed Temperature Sensing) integrated system exploiting fiber optics and PD sensors to monitor temperature and discharges along a cable, and integrating RTTR (Real Time thermal Rating) and PD in a unique system, representing the ideal solution for Global Power Cable and Transmission Line Monitoring.

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