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Global monitoring for MV cables

FALCONTM is representing the latest state of the art technology for partial discharge monitoring (PDM) of MV assets, combining proven and patented technology from HV asset monitoring with economic requirements. FALCONTM is acquiring and processing high frequency PD signals locally detected by the sensors to which it is connected, whether inductive (HFCT), capacitive (TEV).


FALCONTM provides an economical solution for continuous monitoring of partial discharge in Medium Voltage equipment that allows to determine the deterioration if the insulation and thus, the eventual worsening of the health condition of the electrical asset before fatal breakdown. FALCON proposes a novel approach to the continuous monitoring of the PD phenomena occurring on an integrated network of Medium Voltage equipment. Such approach is implemented by addressing the solutions to the requirements of the Medium Voltage grids in terms of non-invasive, low cost and fully automatic PD data acquisitions and elaboration, with the relevant assessment of the conditions of the Medium Voltage equipment. With onboard computing power and data storage combined with a web-browser interface, the unit can be reached from anywhere in the network allowing to analyze PD data and historic trends with very low data traffic. Easy installation and auto-setting reduces significantly installation times. FALCON provides automatic acquisition and elaboration of PD data, as well as automatic noise rejection and the recognition of the increasing PD trend. FALCONTM incorporates patented T/F-map technology. The hardware is provided with ultra-wide bandwidth acquisition system, which collects both PD pulse peak and phase, as well as PD pulse waveforms. The pulse waveform allows the information coming from the pulse shape to be employed. Per each acquired pulse the acquisition unit automatically calculates its time and frequency content, building the so called “T-F map”.

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