Temperatūros + drėgmės + PD (dalinių išlydžių) stebėjimas

Humidity sensor

Relative humidity and ambient temperature

The IntelliSAW Humidity Sensor provides real-time, continuous monitoring of electrical power critical assets to identify the potential for flashover The sensor’s sintered cap, threaded body, water resistant M 12 connector, and 4 kV surge protection provides the level of packaging robustness required for reliable operation in harsh environments. The IntelliSAW Critical Asset Monitoring (CAM) platform units allows up to 8 humidity sensors to be bussed together for multiple location installations such as along a bus duct.


Main features

  • Relative humidity and ambient temperature
  • Designed for electrical critical asset environments
  • Multi drop bus for up to 8 series connected sensors


  • Medium Voltage Switchgears

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