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PD Hub

PD Monitoring Systems –

Techimp’s Partial Discharge (PD) Monitoring systems usually consists of a Central Unit and distributed Data Acquisition Units – the PD Hub™ – able to acquire and process the PD signals locally detected through PD sensors installed on each of main electrical assets (generator, transformer, HV cables and GIS).


Per each set of three (03), six (06), nine (09) or twelve (12) PD sensors, one PD Hub™, consisting of an Acquisition Unit (PDCheck™ or PDScope™) housed in an IP65 Acquisition Box, will be installed close to the asset under monitoring. The PD Hub™ will collect the partial discharge signals (high frequency signals) coming from the sensors. A fibre optic communication network will connect all PD Hubs™ to the Central Unit placed in the Control Room, where the partial discharge data will be collected, stored and processed. The PD Hub™ can also be installed as a standalone device for permanent monitoring of the asset while data are stored internally and are available for download at any time for detailed evaluation. The PD Hub™ is also available in IP68.

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