Elektros įrenginių bandymų ir testavimo įranga


Switch module

The external module STCS allows performing automatically the following PT tests: ratio per tap; winding resistance; OLTC dynamic test. The connection to the transformer under test, to STS and to the measurement taps is performed just once; then, all transformer tests are performed without interruptions.


Main features

  • Additional module of STS 5000 and STS 4000
  • Inputs from STS: 300 V AC or 6 A DC
  • Tap Changer Up / Down: 240V AC or 110V DC
  • Outputs to STS measurements: 300 V AC or DC and 10 V DC

Tests performed

  • Ratio per tap
  • No load current
  • Vector group
  • Short-circuit impedance
  • Leakage reactance
  • Winding resistance
  • OLTC dynamic test

Produkto dokumentacija


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