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Global monitoring for overhead lines

TFS 2100E Travel fault locator system

The TFS 2100E system is the most accurate travelling wave fault locator. It allows locating faults along electrical transmission lines in a very short time and with considerable saving of money.


TFS 2100E travelling wave fault locator system is made by 2 or more acquisition units TDU100E installed in the substations and connected to each other by the HV lines monitored by the system and controlled by the dedicated software TAS2100E.   Main features:

  • The all-in-one solution for the HV network fault location
  • Accuracy: location error less than ± 50m (less than one tower)
  • Fast: the fault is located in few milliseconds
  • Unaffected by fault resistance
  • The GPS synchronization is embedded into TDU 100E
  • Suitable for all kind of power lines AC and DC
  • Automatic distance to fault calculation
  • The Wide area fault location collects data from the whole network
  • The location is performed directly on the network map
  • Unlimited number of monitored lines
  • Reduce overhead lines outage time
  • Non intrusive installation and easy to set up
  • Master Station software for distance to fault calculation and analysis
  • Connection types available: INTERNET, MODEM and POINT TO POINT
  • Substation connection also via the IEC61850-8 interface.

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